President ObamaHere is the content of the letter I sent to President Obama last week, regarding protecting the ‘Big 3’ during the current budget negotiations.

Dear Mr. President,

I could be your mother. Not literally, as you were born a few years before I. But, in terms of life experiences and struggles, your mother and I share many similarities.

I’ve been a single mother raising biracial children from a very young age — two by the age of 19, four in all. Because of that, my life’s path never quite matched societal norms and expectations; still, I’ve quietly done my best. I value education and community involvement, and what I want most in this world is to see my children have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.
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Zimmerman Wound Photos from Night of Shooting

by J. Blake on June 6, 2012

I have placed the pictures of Zimmerman’s head–pictures all purportedly taken directly after the shooting of Trayvon Martin–side by side. From left to right, we see: A picture a neighbor claims to have taken on his cell phone aproximately 3 minutes after the shooting, the surveillance video from the Sanford Police Department aproximately 30 minutes later, and an evidence photo from SPD said to be taken several hours later. A number of things are bothering me about these pictures:

  • I am still having difficulty understanding why we see no black stripe across the back of the jacket on the cell phone photo, where it is clear in the other two photos.
  • The cell phone picture shows an unusual blood flow pattern and lack of smeared blood, though Zimmerman was purportedly on his back and scooting around the concrete/grass.
  • After being cleaned up by EMT, blood flow is under control. So much so that EMT deemed not even a bandaid necessary. We also see with our own eyes, Zimmerman walking through the station for minutes without so much as a drip.
  • Several hours later, though, there is again dried blood, yet again the flow pattern is toward the left ear from the left wound & straight down from the right.

That last item makes me wonder why the wounds that were clean, under control & not bleeding, later began to bleed again? Did the Sanford PD care that their suspect had blood dripping down his head while in their care? Why did they allow it to continue to drip, though reporting they checked on him every 15 minutes or so? Do they typically leave their subjects to bleed untreated until the blood dries? How is it the blood flows in this same odd pattern twice? These are some things currently bothering me about this progression of photographs.


The Circumcision

October 16, 2011

They left because they could not bear the sound of their baby suffering. I stayed because I could not bear the thought of my baby suffering alone.

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Wanderings of the Heart

October 6, 2011

Say these words out loud: “follow your heart.” How do you feel? This phrase speaks to the love and emotion that makes us each profoundly human, and it alludes to beautiful ideals such as free spirit and free will. If you’re anything like me, joy and peace envelope you when you think about it. Ahhh […]

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Beyond the Hurt

May 7, 2010

“Like WHAT?” These two words have been etched indelibly in my heart since I heard them four months ago. My neighbor, a troubled foster youth waiting to be adopted, said them to me when I told him “you can do better things with your life.” This teenage boy had been moved around, had issues with […]

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Healing Out Loud

April 13, 2010

Healing is something each one of us needs our own special variety of. We all have our wounds, our pains, our personal life “hits”. With our own individual makeup of strengths and deficits, we must find a way to get to them, get through them, and get beyond them—but we all inevitably have them. Given […]

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Healing Fine Launch Soon

January 27, 2010

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to the healing fine site. Official site launch is scheduled for March 1.  The site will feature a blog, articles and user-forumns regarding healing and recovery.  General mental wellness is the focus. Recovery topics will include: grieving & loss domestic violence child abuse and neglect depression & anxiety Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) […]

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