Healing Out Loud

by J. Blake on April 13, 2010

Healing is something each one of us needs our own special variety of. We all have our wounds, our pains, our personal life “hits”. With our own individual makeup of strengths and deficits, we must find a way to get to them, get through them, and get beyond them—but we all inevitably have them.

Given the universal nature of the topic, I was surprised to find myself struggling to begin the site. I have endless commentary on our wounds, our process, our healing; but as soon as I tried to write, I began to question if there is a mold I need to fit, a formula I am supposed to follow. I started wondering if I should narrow the scope to something more specific, like domestic abuse; if the pieces I write should always maintain a tone: informational pieces on psychology, inspirational how-to’s, personal reflections? These questions of theme and tone, consistency and formula, only ultimately end up getting in the way of writing and sharing. The truth is that what I do best comes not from the mind, but rather from the heart. It’s fitting, then, to allow the heart lead and ask the blog to follow.

I have come to the conclusion that in the same way as writing a novel is said to, necessarily, be an “organic” experience—writing my blog is going to have to be, as well. The best thing I can do is “lean in” to it—start without having every answer pre-determined. I can’t tell you exactly what my posts will hold from week to week: whether they will utilize wide or narrow lens; whether certain topics will be more central than others; whether personal narrative, response to current events, or information from a reading will take center stage. All I can really promise is to always be authentic, with each post offering a little piece of me.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” says Plato. This is my motto, expressing my core value of compassion better than anything I know. Ultimately, that is what this site is about: our individual (and collective) hard battles—a place to acknowledge them, a hand to hold while going through them, and a gentle lift to rise beyond them. This site is about healing out loud. To heal out loud, we may necessarily have to bleed out loud, but not in vain.

Ideally, I want this site to be a dialog, not a monolog. For now, this purpose will have to be served by the comment section; but I will be striving, in the near future, to create more community – giving you a more generous space, a louder voice, with my blog being just one aspect of a larger landscape.

As Yoko Ono has said, “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” And vice versa, I would add. As we undertake our individual healing journeys, connecting to each other will help us understand ourselves, stretch ourselves, and love ourselves in new and more powerful ways. This is what makes healing out loud so appealing and so promising.

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