by J. Blake on February 25, 2008

This site:

This site is for healing souls — dealing with grief and loss of all types, child abuse, domestic violence, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and other ailments of the soul, spirit and mind. In compassion, kindness and togetherness, we all can become our best selves and heal from that which pains us.

As Yoko Ono once noted, “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” And vice versa, I would add.

The author of this site is half-crazy, which isn’t bad coming from a family that’s 100% crazy. (Kidding, guys! Really.) 

Seriously though, I’ve met with my share of challenges in my life — some hereditary, some learned, some self-imposed, and a small few completely out of my control.

My background:

I grew up within a family which had a history of depression — including substance abuse, suicide attempts and suicides.  As an adolescent, I experienced teenage pregnancy and an abusive relationship. Later, I experienced the trauma of trying to leave an abuser when there are children in common. Dignity and strength carried me through, and I managed to break to family cycle with my own children, who are: absolutely perfect. OK, maybe not perfect, but darn good and free of the drugs, clinical depression, and other problems that ran rampant within my family. I have also given back to others, particularly foster children and the parents of children who are in the Child Welfare System.

Currently a 99er who has traveled from homeowner to homeless, I continue to be blessed with the peace of mind that comes from taking the journey in earnest. A temporary financial condition cannot unravel the work that has been done.


Healing is a journey. We are all on different places on that journey. By offering strength and compassion, we can help each other to keep moving forward — one step at a time.

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