Silent Eulogy

by J. Blake on February 20, 2015

By Freeman Blake

My season ended with the latter light
That glanced the mountain ring above the plain
And my last gleanings occupied the site
Where part of me would evermore remain
For pain and plain and Hemet heat and wear
Were plowed and planted in the depths of me
And honest labor, joined with honest care
Was only just a silent eulogy
For under heaven everything betides
My time had come to die, to recommence
To seek the sheltered, crevassed mountainside,
To rest, to weigh, to gauge my recompense
With coming death we leave to low-set land
We take the cryptic channel to accord
Obeisance to the ultimate command
The passageways of death are of the Lord
And what of me, and whither do I go?
And does this channel open to a sea
Of mighty granite round where sometime snow
Engenders high Yosemite?

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