Shilah Stanford’s Creative Portfolio

by J. Blake on December 2, 2013

Multimedia/Arts High School Programs, San Diego

ArtsTECH Academy, University City High School (Sept., 2012-current)

  • Multimedia Production 1, 2, 3 & 4 (college credit through Mesa College); Film Arts; Contemporary Communications


  • Reach, Video, 5 minutes. Role: writer/director/editor/camera/actress/dance choreography. Created as college application project. (Nov., 2013)
  • ArtsTECH the Movie, Video, 3 minutes. Role: cameraman/creative co-director/actress. Promotional video for the ArtsTECH program. (Nov., 2013)
  • “Me” Project, Video, 5 minutes. Role: writer/actress/director/editor. A humorous “faux interview” video to answer 30 questions about yourself, project for AP English. (April, 2013); awarded school’s AP Indie “Best Creative Expression.”
  • The Crimson Trial, Video, 3.5 minutes. Role: concept developer/actress/costume design. A trailer & advertisement for a movie on a historic subject, project for AP U.S. History. (May, 2013)
  • Cabaret Night Art, Art. Role: designer/editor. Made posters, pamphlets, tickets for art night using Photoshop, a client-based project for ArtsTECH. (Oct., 2013)
  • Super Dog, Claymation, 1.5 minutes. Role: wrote/designed set/clay movement/editor/voice talent/sound effects. Full claymation video, project for ArtsTECH. (April, 2013)
  • Foley Effects–Tarzan, Animation Video, 3 minutes. Role: writer/voiceover/sound effects technician. Created script and sound effects to change genre of Tarzan animation using Garage Band, project for ArtsTECH. (Dec., 2012)
  • Paranoia Activity, Video, 7.5 minutes. Role: writer/actress/camera/director/editor. A video about a prank turned supernatural, project for the Cal School of Arts Summer Program application. (Jan., 2013)
  • Guitar Villain, Video, 4 minutes. Role: actress. A creative video with a community service message, project directed by a friend for her school. (Oct., 2012)

Career Prep

  • Job Shadow—Ex’pression Music Studio (July, 2013)
  • Voice over class with Doug Boyd (July, 2013)

School of the Arts (SOTA) Cluster, Madison High School (Sept., 2010-June, 2012)

  • Video Production 1 & 2; Theater 1 & 2


  • Foley Effects–King Kong, Animation Video, 2 minutes. Role: sound effects/editor. Created all of the sound effects from scratch to King Kong Animation using Final Cut Pro, project for SOTA. (Feb., 2012)
  • Liar Liar—Recreation, Video, 2 minutes. Role: analysis/director/camera/editor. Complete analysiand recreation of a scene from Liar Liar, including set, camera angles, script and acting. (Oct., 2011)
  • Basketball Reporting, Video, 5 minutes. Role: interviewer/videographer/b-roll video/editor. Journalistic video of school basketball team, project for SOTA. (Jan., 2012)

Career Prep

  • Job Shadow—KPBS (Feb., 2012)

Songwriting/Personal Video Projects

  • Garage Band projects, Music – Role: songwriter/composer/lyric writer/singer. Full song composition—creating beats and all music in Garage Band, wrote lyrics and melodies, recorded and mixed. Songs including: This Beat, Grab Your Love, Right at Me (July, 2012-current)
  • Happy Birthday, Heny, Music Video, 3.5 minutes. Role: songwriter/singer/director/ actress/editor. Created a song and full music video using Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro at Ex’pression Music Studio, project a birthday present for an aunt. (Dec., 2011)
  • YouTube comedy skits, Videos – Role: writer/actress/director/editor. Created short comedy skits for YouTube, including: Three Little Pigs Spoof, Justin Bieber Kidnap Spoof, Elmo Won’t Let Me, How to Be Gangster, Black and Yellow Parody (April, 2009-December, 2010)
  • Song and Rap Lyric Writing (Jan., 2005-current)

Software Programs

Video: Final Cut Pro; iMovie; Windows Movie Maker
Music: Garage Band
Photography: Photoshop

Dance Performance Troupes

Mighty Shock and Future Shock Hip Hop Dance Troupes (2008-2013) – San Diego, CA

    Numerous performances throughout the community each season, including:

  • World of Dance San Diego (2011-2013) 3 years
  • Maxt Out Competition (2011-2013) 3 years
  • Takin’ It To the Streets, Los Vegas (2011-2013) 3 years
  • San Diego’s Best Dance Crew Competition, San Diego Fair (2008-2013) 5 years

Community Service Performances

  • Live Well Project – Dance and teach at girl’s leadership summit (2011-2013) 3 years
  • Dance for a Cure – Dance to raise money for cancer (2011-2012) 2 years
  • Dance for a Wish – Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser for girl’s wish (2013) 1 year


  • Most Improved Award – Future Shock Dance Troupe (2012)

Fierce Dance Troupe (2004-2006) – Rohnert Park, CA

  • Great America Performance
  • Dance Workshop at Disneyland

Dance Club—Madison High School (2010-2012)

  • Created choreography
  • Talent Show—Roles: Sang duet and danced with Dance Club, including personal choreography. Madison High School (2012)


  • San Diego Children’s Choir (2008-2010)
  • Unitarian Universalist Choir (2008-2010)
  • Voice lessons (2012-0ngoing)


    In addition to high school theater course:

  • Junior Theater (2008-2009)
  • Improv Class (2009)


  • Hairspray, Play, Muirlands Middle School with Junior Theater (2009)
  • Junior Theater Performance, Play, La Jolla Firehouse with Junior Theater (2008)
  • Nutcracker, Play. Part: Mother and Dancer (2005)

Cross Country

  • Team Captain (2013)
  • Western League Champion XC (2013)
  • CIF Cross Country (2013)
  • Outstanding Athletic Award (2012)
  • Varsity Letters (2011-2013)


  • Varsity Letters (2011-2013)

Other Awards/Achievements

  • YMCA Public Speaking Contest – 2nd Place winner and Special Recording Session with music written used for annual major fundraising video (Nov., 2009)

School Honors

  • Honor Roll (2008-2013)
  • Perfect Attendance Awards (2010-2012)

College Prep/Community Leadership

  • College Apps Academy (2013)
  • Gear-Up (2010-2012)
  • Spirit of Leadership–Workshop/Girls Leadership (2012)

Volunteer/Community Service

    In addition to community service listed with dance troupe, other community service includes:

  • Foster Children Mentor/Big Sister—We had a foster home for youth. I helped with homework, cooking, outings, behavior modification, and comforting them. (July, 2010-Nov., 2011)
  • Beach clean-up (2011)
  • Applebee’s Fundraiser (2011)

Other Activities

  • Flip Force Camp (Aug., 2013)
  • Basic Physical Defense for Women Workshop (Sept., 2010)
  • Kung Fu classes (June, 2013)

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