Zimmerman Wound Photos from Night of Shooting

by J. Blake on June 6, 2012

I have placed the pictures of Zimmerman’s head–pictures all purportedly taken directly after the shooting of Trayvon Martin–side by side. From left to right, we see: A picture a neighbor claims to have taken on his cell phone aproximately 3 minutes after the shooting, the surveillance video from the Sanford Police Department aproximately 30 minutes later, and an evidence photo from SPD said to be taken several hours later. A number of things are bothering me about these pictures:

  • I am still having difficulty understanding why we see no black stripe across the back of the jacket on the cell phone photo, where it is clear in the other two photos.
  • The cell phone picture shows an unusual blood flow pattern and lack of smeared blood, though Zimmerman was purportedly on his back and scooting around the concrete/grass.
  • After being cleaned up by EMT, blood flow is under control. So much so that EMT deemed not even a bandaid necessary. We also see with our own eyes, Zimmerman walking through the station for minutes without so much as a drip.
  • Several hours later, though, there is again dried blood, yet again the flow pattern is toward the left ear from the left wound & straight down from the right.

That last item makes me wonder why the wounds that were clean, under control & not bleeding, later began to bleed again? Did the Sanford PD care that their suspect had blood dripping down his head while in their care? Why did they allow it to continue to drip, though reporting they checked on him every 15 minutes or so? Do they typically leave their subjects to bleed untreated until the blood dries? How is it the blood flows in this same odd pattern twice? These are some things currently bothering me about this progression of photographs.

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